About Antognolla

A unique and enchanting place


Antognolla’s Past

The castle of Antognolla takes its name from a powerful local family, and dates back at least to the twelfth century. Even older is the crypt below the castle’s chapel, which was part of a Benedictine monastery and once housed the remains of Ercolano, the patron saint of Perugia. Today the castle lies at the heart of a 500 hectare estate of exceptional natural beauty, in ‘the green heart of Italy’ and within a few hours drive of Rome or Florence.

Antognolla castle courtyard
Paintings on the wall - Antognolla

Antognolla’s Future

A new chapter in the history of Antognolla has begun, as the castle and estate are about to be transformed into an exclusive international resort. Featuring a luxury hotel and one of the country’s finest golf courses, as well as a limited number of sumptuous residences, the project is one of the first of its kind in Italy. Integrating new building of the highest standards with historic original architecture and an unspoilt natural environment, Antognolla represents a unique marriage of authentic, ancient Umbria, with ultra-modern comfort and luxury.

Antognolla castle entrance
Antognolla future developments - V1